Long Beach Public Library Foundation

New Main Campaign

The Billie Jean King Main Library, opening September 21, 2019, will transform downtown with a bright, welcoming, modern space and programs for all members of the Long Beach community.

Become a Founding Donor

All supporters who donate $25 or more to the campaign in the first year of the new library’s operation will be recognized as New Main Campaign Founding Donors. Click the link below to learn more about the benefits and recognition opportunities of our different giving levels. These opportunities are reserved exclusively for those whose gifts are received in the Library’s inaugural year.

Donate to the New Main Campaign
You can also mail your donation to Long Beach Public Library Foundation, 65 Pine Avenue, Suite 875, Long Beach, CA 90802. Please make your checks payable to the Long Beach Public Library Foundation and include New Main Campaign in the memo.

Your Donation Will Make a Difference

The Billie Jean King Main Library will serve families in a neighborhood where nearly half of all children live below the poverty line. Learn how your donation will help transform Long Beach in our New Main Campaign brochure.


Thank You to Our New Main Campaign Leadership Committee

Mayor Robert Garcia, Honorary Chair
Cindy Allen, Public Relations Chair
Elizabeth Andrew
Nicole Ballard
Ryan Ballard
Charles Durnin
Margaret Durnin
Dan Munzer
Liz Munzer
Pam Munzer
Kimberly Neipling
Frank Newell
Margie Newell
Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce

Thank You to Our New Main Campaign Founding Donors

Dee and Allan Abrahamse
Lance and Fay Adams
The Ahmanson Foundation
David Albers
Linda Alkana, Ph.D.
Rick Alsagoff and Bruce Alton
Melanie Lynn Alvitre
American Life
Cathleen Jo Anderson
Dr. Felicia Anderson
Patricia Andrews
John Arcos and Janet Leonards
Gail A. Ashbrooke, Teacher Librarian for LBUSD
Shayan and Luca Azar
Ryan and Nicole Ballard
Beaches Book Club
Belmont Book Club
Susan Bernstein in honor of Billie Jean King
Black LBC
Joyce and Raymond Bond
The Book Bunch
Bookies by the Sea Book Club
Erica and Doug Bradley
Karna Bramble
Kevin C. Brown
Ronald L. Brown
David Burkhart and Carrie Lixey
Burlington Court Book Group
Kimberly M. Caballero in honor of Celina Gomez
Rob, Mona, Jake and John Cammarata
Rod and Carolyn Carey
Lisa and Jeff Carrick
Kelly P. Carroll
Pamela M. Chotiswatdi
Clear Channel Outdoor
Richard Connelly and Gloria Swanson
Lisa Conner
Robert and Ami Cooney
Celine Cordero
Bob Crouch
Mariel Crow
Aluizio M. Cruz
Sherwin and Rajessah Cruz
Stephanie Davis
Lisa and M. Michael Deaderick
Susan C. DeLand, Long Beach Public Library Foundation Board of Directors
Dana C. Dittman
Stacy Dupée
Margaret and Charles Durnin
Christopher J. Duvali
April Economides
Barbara Egyud
Beverly A. Ehresmann
El Dorado 50+ Book Club
Iris Medina-Elston in honor of Carter Wade Elston
Chelsea Enslow
Iris Faulkner
Linda Jeanne Fell
Nubia Flores Cedeño
Helen Fuller Cultural Carousel – Friends of the Long Beach Public Library
Marilyn G. Gabel
Arlene K. Gale
Isabella Galiteva
Kristina Gaspar
Suzan G. Gridley
Richard F. Griffin
Cynthia M. Orozco and M. Guardado
Ashley Guertin
Mel Guzman
John Hammerl
Kylie Hammerl
Tori Hammerl
Angel Herrera
Lt. Col. Steve Hinds and Mary Hancock Hinds in memory of Ross Katsuro Keikikamalu Miho
The Hoag Foundation
The Homeless Belmont Pier
Kathleen A. Hooper
Julia Hornby
Hotel Maya
Housing Opportunities for the Elderly (HOPE) honors the memory of George and Patricia Wise
Cordelia Howard
Joane and Donald Hugh
Danita Y. Humphrey
Lorrie Hutton
Joseph Hyatt
Mary Beth and Stephen Hyde
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Local Lodge 1930
Jack and Barbara Irvin
Nina Jackson, Teacher Librarian for LBUSD
Diane K. Jacobus
Gehrig Jelinowicz
Joel Jelinowicz
Macy Jelinowicz
Mia Jelinowicz
Kevin and Amanda Johnson
Stephen and Nelly Johnson
Junior League of Long Beach
Sam Robinson and Alexandra Kabbaz Szabo
Katherine Karp in honor of her brother, Larry Karp
W. M. Keck Foundation
Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D.
Margaret C. Kott
Nicole F. Landeros
LAWineFest Inc.
Todd and Gjusta Lemmis
Gail Levy
LGA Family Foundation
Lit Chicks Book Club
Diana A. Litvin
Connor Lock
Long Beach Container Terminal
Long Beach Marriott
Bonnie Lowenthal
Kathleen E. Mais
M. Lissette Flores and Bob Marsocci
Michael L. Martin
The Massachusetts Street Book Club
Margie and Jon Masterson
Vic and Patty McCarty
John and Dianne McGinnis
Jeanne McKay
Keir McLaren
Celia McMaster
Celia and Adam Mendelsohn
The Meridian Book Club
Charles and Nancy V. Merrill
Joe Minarovic
Lori Monnier in honor of Diane P. Monnier
Lisa Moore in honor of Jeanne Patterson
Courtney Lyn Muehlebach
Kathie Muehlebach
Muni-Fed Energy, Inc
Rudolph J. and Daphne A. Munzer Foundation
Kathleen Naruse, Teacher Librarian for LBUSD
Despoina “Dee” Navari, LBPL Children’s Librarian 1950-1976, She Gave Life to Books
Navarrete Family
Kim and Larry Neipling
The New L Family Fund
Frank and Margie Newell
Nomads Reading Group
Joshua Norton
Not Just Desserts Book Club
Meghan O’Dell and Robert Acosta
Cami Olson
Peggy C. O’Neil-Rosales
Mathew J. Pace
Cesar Palacios-Guzmán-Logan
Abha and Anil Pandya
Kathy and Russ Parsons
Dee Patberg in memory of John K. Patberg
Eboney Pearson
Mary Perez
Sergio Piña
Kristiana Placencio
Luigi and Vanessa Porco
Russell Putnam & Mary Lamo-Putnam
Ryan Quigley
Carol Quinlan
Catherine Raneri
Susan T. Redfield
Adela Redzic
Marie Reidy
Sean M. Reilly and Jeffrey Toelsin
Oscar Reyes in honor of Gloria and Gregorio Reyes
Jennifer Rice-Epstein
Michael and Susan Rivard
Jessica Rivera in honor of Alex Saenzpardo
Rebecca L. and Daniel Robbins
Rotary Club of Long Beach
Frances Rozner
Harry and Maria Saltzgaver
Elisabeth Sandberg
Kendra Miller and Jeffrey Schimsky
Peter and Eleanore Schmidt
Susan Carlile and Norbert Schürer
Barbara and Rick Schwerin
Byron Scott
Elizabeth Potter Scully
Kathy Shasha
Leon S. and Barbara Shoag
JP and Kimberly Shotwell
Ami Silverman
Mary Anne Silvestri
Renee B. Simon
Nancy Slusher
Cynthia J. Smith
Leslie A. Smith
In Loving Memory of Steve and Terry Smith Donated by Margaret Farwell Smith
Carmen D. Snuggs
Teresa Snyder
Doris Soriano
Barbara and Edward Sosa
In memory of Erik J. Spargo
Sandra Spargo
St. Joseph Book Club
Rebecca V. Stackhouse
Carli M. Steers
Shan W. Steinmark, Ph.D. in honor of Melinda A. Rockwell
Michael Andrew Stugrin
Dr. Beverly Stunden
Avinash Suntosh
Thao Ton and Jason Burcombe
Chakriya Thuch Roberts in honor of Allen Thuch and Seksa Chamroeun
Kay and Tony Tortorice
Robert and Johanna Tramazzo
An Tran in memory of Milon Amin
Yada Treesukosol
Trillium Transportation Fuels, LLC
Karen Gustafson and Ray Valenzuela
Lance and Marilyn Valt
Joseph and Joan Van Hooten
Astrid E. Virding
Casondra Kelly Wada
Sharon L. Weissman
Suzanne Wenke in memory of Judge Robert A. Wenke, a life-long reader
Judy Lynne Whitacre
In honor of Ramona Wilson
Khin Khin Win
The World Trade Center
Linda Haley and Marvin Zamost in memory of Isadore and Regina Zamost and Arby and Jack Haley
Edgar L. Zwieback and Mona Panitz