Long Beach Public Library Foundation

Long Beach Public Library Foundation


Thank you for partnering with us to share the work of the Long Beach Public Library and Foundation with the people of Long Beach. If you have a request or feedback, please contact Communications Manager Kimberly Caballero at 562-628-2441, or by email. You’ll find general information and links to press pieces about the Foundation below:

The Foundation’s mission is to provide support to enhance the Long Beach Public Library and encourage literacy and education for all members of the community.
June 5, 1996
101 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802
Number of branches
The library system has one main branch on Pacific Avenue and 11 other branches throughout Long Beach.
The Long Beach system is the second-largest municipal library system in Los Angeles County.
Nonprofit status
The Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that provides support to the Long Beach Public Library through the procurement of private funds.
Funds raised
The Foundation has raised over $21 million in the 21 years since its inception.
Patrons and resources
  • Patrons checked out 1.3 million items from the library system in 2017.
  • Patrons accessed 7 million library resources last year.
  • Over 80,000 youth attended library programs in the last year.
Services offered

Family Learning Centers

  • Qualified Learning Guides provide homework help and online resources for students branches across Long Beach, supported by the Foundation’s funds.
    Hours vary by branch.
  • The Family Learning Center Program conducted 22,185 one-on-one academic support sessions in 2017.
  • The Family Learning Center supported the needs of 10,881 individuals in 2017.

The Studio

  • A makerspace in the Main Library and the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library featuring 3-D scanners and printers, robotics, virtual reality, and design equipment and offering free classes each week for the public about zines, 3-D design as well as e-books and tablets.
  • The new Mobile Studio, sponsored by Andeavor, the LGA Family Foundation and the California Resources Corporation was formally launched in April 2017. It currently conducts 3 outreach events per week to library branches, schools, community centers, and community events, and anticipates doubling that number over the course of the next year.


  • Located in the Main Library, a place for children with special needs with specialized books, toys, and events.
  • Items include sensory bins, adaptive apps and multisensory reading experiences to encourage literacy and education in all children.

The Information Center for People with Disabilities
Located in the Main Library, an award-winning resource providing adaptive technology, such as specialized computers for people with special needs.

General Contact Information
Kate Azar, Executive Director
Media Contact
Kimberly Caballero, Communications Manager