Long Beach Public Library Foundation

Long Beach Public Library Foundation

Message from the Executive Director

Dear Library Supporters,

This year the Long Beach Public Library Foundation celebrated 20 years of providing support to enhance the Long Beach Public Library. That’s 20 years that we have been committed to encouraging literacy and education for all members of the Long Beach community. In this time, we have raised more than $20 million to support Library programs. That is a truly remarkable impact for any nonprofit organization.

Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Long Beach Public Library Foundation staff, Board of Directors, and supporters. With my decade of nonprofit experience, I can honestly say that the passion and dedication of this group is truly unique. That’s why, when earlier this year, the Board of Directors invited me to take the Executive Director position permanently, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to continue this great work.

In 1996 our founders started at a kitchen table with a vision for literacy in Long Beach. Twenty years later, they have much to be proud of. But while we have taken the year to reflect on our impressive accomplishments, we also haven’t been at rest. The Foundation has grown significantly in the last twelve months with new staff, a new library, and new projects–and we are excited to continue to grow in this coming year.

Thank you to all who have supported us for the last 20 years. I hope we can count on you as we make the next 20 even more remarkable.

Kate Azar

Executive Director of the Long Beach Public Library Foundation