Long Beach Public Library Foundation

Ways to Give

You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Library Foundation securely online or mail your donation to Long Beach Public Library Foundation, 65 Pine Avenue, Suite 875, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Donate Online

If you would like to know more about any of the giving options below, please contact Director of Development Erica Bradley at 562-628-2441 x2 or Erica@lbplfoundation.org.

Facebook Fundraiser

Donate your birthday, celebrate a holiday, or just show your support for libraries by starting a fundraiser on Facebook for the Library Foundation. You can set a goal and invite your friends to make a tax-deductible gift. Facebook transfers any money raised directly to the Library Foundation without charging any fees. Visit this link, login to your Facebook account, and click “Raise Money”: facebook.com/pg/LBPLFoundation/fundraisers

Amazon Smile

You can support the Library Foundation by shopping online! Login at the link below and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to our organization. Amazon will only make this donation if you sign into Amazon Smile – not Amazon.com or the mobile app – every time you shop. 


There are many ways to include the Long Beach Public Library Foundation in your will or trust. We encourage you to work with an attorney or estate planning professional on a plan to meet your needs. You can establish a new will or trust or amend your existing document.

Cash Bequests

For bequests of cash, below is sample language to direct your legacy gift to the Long Beach Public Library Foundation:

“I give to the Long Beach Public Library Foundation located at 101 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach CA 90822, the sum of $_______ or an amount equal to _____% of the total value of the assets of me (trust) estate, to be used solely and exclusively for the benefit of the [Long Beach Public Library, Main Library, or branch library] to support [area of greatest needs, or a specific program] These funds shall be used to enhance rather than replace City funds budgeted for library services.”

Retirement Accounts

You may also name the Library Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy. In this case, you will need to complete a new beneficiary designation form and return it to the financial institution. If you wish to direct your estate to a specific branch or program, please contact the Library Foundation so we can ensure that your intentions are fulfilled.

Charitable IRA Distribution

If you are age 70 ½ or older you may be eligible to transfer up to $100,000 in gifts directly from your IRA to the Long Beach Public Library Foundation and exclude the amount of your gift from taxable income. To download a sample letter to request a charitable distribution be made from an IRA, CLICK HERE.


Carnegie49 honors those who care deeply about the future of Long Beach’s public libraries, and name the Long Beach Public Library Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate. Estate Gifts can ensure the ongoing provision of specialized programs that are dear to you as a donor. When you join Carnegie49, the Long Beach Public Library Foundation is able to thank and honor you during your lifetime. Your membership also helps inspire others to make similar donations. To learn more about joining Carnegie49 and view a list of members, CLICK HERE.

Gutenberg Society

The Gutenberg Society is made up of donors to an endowed fund creating a legacy of books for the Long Beach Public Library.

Your gift of $1,000 or more to the fund will be invested for at least one year before the income is used.* Thereafter, once a year – and for generations to come – the income from each $1,000 gift will be used to purchase a library book with a bookplate recognizing the donor or an honoree of the donor’s choosing. You will receive a letter each year letting you know which book was purchased with your gift, and you will add to the growth of an ongoing financial resource creating an ever-growing collection of books for the Long Beach Public Library.

The books purchased with these funds come from the Library’s wish lists, and are eagerly reserved by library patrons when they become available. The Gutenberg Society of the Long Beach Public Library Foundation offers an opportunity to touch lives now and long into the future.

*10% of your gift will address the administrative costs the Library Foundation faces related to this campaign.

Endowed Gifts

Give a Gift That Lasts Beyond a Lifetime.

An endowed gift to the Long Beach Public Library Foundation ensures that your contribution will continue to help the Long Beach Public Library for many generations to come. There are several ways to make an endowed gift:
Our current endowments support the following focus areas: Family Learning Centers, Books and Materials (including our Gutenberg Society Endowment), Literacy, Senior Services and the Library’s Greatest Needs.

Endowed gifts are managed and invested in accordance with the Long Beach Public Library Foundation’s endowment investment policies. The total return earned in excess of the amount approved annually for payout will be retained in the endowment principal to protect from the effects of inflation and to allow for growth. At the discretion of our Board of Directors, when the payout is not needed for purposes of the fund, the return of payout may be added to the endowment fund principal. In the event the fund does not reach endowment minimum; or the program ceases to exist, proceeds from the fund will be utilized in an area and manner as closely related as possible to the original intent and purposes for which the fund was established.

  • CONTRIBUTE ANY AMOUNT – You may designate a gift of any size to one or more existing endowments and your donation will be invested and protected forever.
  • CREATE A NAMED FUND – With a minimum gift of $25,000, you may create a specially-named fund within one of the existing endowment funds. Funds will be used in accordance with the purpose of that endowment fund. You may schedule payments on this amount over a period of five years or less.
  • ESTABLISH A NEW ENDOWMENT – With a gift of $100,000 or more, the Foundation will consider establishing a named endowed fund with a new focus. For example, you – or you and a group of like-minded donors – might start an endowment to support an aspect or service of the library, like new technology or a special collection. Once established, any donor can add to the new endowment and create named funds within this new focus.