Long Beach Public Library Foundation

New Main Campaign

The new Long Beach Civic Center Project will bring to downtown a revitalized civic core to serve local residents and businesses, attract visitors and provide safe and efficient city operations to serve the citizens of Long Beach. The largest new amenity in the Park is the new 92,500 square foot Main Public Library located in the northern end of the revitalized Lincoln Park. The new Main Library will contain all of the services provided in the existing Library, in a spatially and operationally more efficient building.

The Long Beach Public Library Foundation is launching a campaign to both enhance the new Main Library with improved collections, furnishings, technology, and other resources, and to create an endowment to support the Library’s Family Learning Center for generations to come.

If you have specific questions, please contact Erica at 562-628-2441, or Erica@lbplfoundation.org.

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