Long Beach Public Library Foundation


5th of November 2018

The Gift of Literacy for All LBUSD 3rd Grade Students

All Long Beach Unified School District 3rd grade students are in for a treat! In the next few weeks, they will each receive a brand new dictionary/thesaurus to promote literacy and help them succeed in school. This gift is made possible thanks to the Dictionary Days program, a partnership between the Long Beach Public Library Foundation […]

24th of October 2018

Celebrating the History of the Friends

To further the principle that a well informed populis and freedom to read are essential to the well being of our community and secondly to focus public attentions on the library’s needs, services and facilities. This is the official purpose outlined by the founding members of the Friends of the Long Beach Public Library in […]

15th of October 2018

A Deep Dive into Reading – A Library Story

You can support free library programs that make a difference in the lives of families like Kadrin’s. Click the link below to make a tax-deductible donation. Any amount makes a difference. Click to Donate “You can see how her imagination is growing and she is learning all these new words,” Kadrin says as she watches […]

4th of October 2018

2018 Literary Award Highlights for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Discovering different cultural voices at the Library is a great way to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. As you search for books by Latino authors, there are several new and compelling works that have received recognition by prestigious literary organizations. Below are a few recent winners and finalists for major literary awards to read as […]

20th of September 2018

Enter to learn. Go forth to serve.

“Enter to learn. Go forth to serve.” These are the words carved into the arch that Mary Hancock Hinds walked through every time she entered Long Beach Polytechnic High School as a student. Mary heard the message loud and clear and went on to become a true champion of education and community involvement in Long […]

19th of September 2018

To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library – New York Times Op-ed

“The founding principle of the public library — that all people deserve free, open access to our shared culture and heritage…” writes NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge Director Eric Klinenberg in his September 8, 2018 op-ed for the New York Times. In his article, “To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library,” Klinenberg challenges the notion that […]

Expanding Horizons – A Library Story

You can support much-needed free Library programs for your Long Beach neighbors, like Saram, with a tax-deductible gift. Click to Expand Horizons At 27 years-old, Saram Routh knew it wasn’t too late to achieve her dream of earning her high school diploma, but she wasn’t quite sure how to get started on this goal. When […]

6th of September 2018

Celebrating Our Librarians

Last month, the Long Beach Public Library Foundation partnered with the Friends of the Long Beach Public Library to celebrate the city’s librarians at the home of Library Foundation Board President Susan Redfield. Councilman Roberto Uranga and his wife Tonia Reyes Uranga also joined us to honor the librarians. The Long Beach Public Library would not […]

Books to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

We wish all celebrating Rosh Hashanah a healthy, happy, and sweet new year. The Long Beach Public Library contains many books and resources to learn more about this world-wide holiday. Find the books below and more in the library’s catalog at encore.lbpl.org.   Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by Lynn Peppas  Millions of Jewish people all over the […]

20th of August 2018

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Check out the Long Beach Public Library Foundation newsletter for Summer 2018 featuring news about our latest literacy programs, the Mobile Studio powered by Andeavor, Grape Expectations, and the new Main Library. Thank you to our donors for making this possible!