Long Beach Public Library Foundation

Long Beach Public Library Foundation

From Our President

I’m proud to serve as the President of the Long Beach Public Library Foundation, an organization that has supported literacy and education programs in our city’s libraries for more than twenty years. Over those two decades, our Foundation, led by our Board of Directors and made possible by our generous donors, has raised over $20 million for books and materials and supported a number of programs that serve children, families, seniors, veterans, and the disabled.

These funds helped to sustain the Long Beach Public Library as a critical part of our city’s economic development, its educational foundation, and its safety net. All of this is made possible through the tireless efforts of the Foundation staff, the advocacy of our committed Board of Directors, and the faithful partnership and support of people like you. Together, we made it possible to launch the Family Learning Center program, now housed at each of our branch libraries, and recently established the Studio, a 21st century digital learning center at both the Main Library and the new Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library.

Each member of our Board of Directors shares a common commitment to seeing our Library grow in its capacity to bring literature, educational tutoring, language assistance, technology, resources for those with special needs, support for the elderly, and rich programs to a community marked by diverse backgrounds and even more diverse needs. We’re committed to supporting our librarians, who work tirelessly each day to meet the needs of Library patrons—people like you and me, who recognize the Library as a place where we’ll have equal access to resources that might otherwise be outside our grasp. And we’re committed to Long Beach, to seeing our city flourish, and to being an active part in making that happen.

We invite you to join us in supporting the Long Beach Public Library Foundation, so that you too can participate in the great work that’s happening in each library branch across the city.


JP Shotwell, Board President